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Peći sa pomoćnim kotlom na pelet
Peći sa pomoćnim kotlom na pelet

Nominal total heat power 17 kW
Heat power from the heat exchanger 13 kW
Heat power from the radiation 4 kW
Decreased total heat power 5 kW
5 levels of power and automatic mode
Temperature of the flue gases 195°C
Effectiveness up to 90%
Capacity of the water heat exchanger 20 l
Maximal working pressure 2,0 bar
Power supply AC 230V 50Hz
Full electric power 350 W
Working electric power 100 W
Capacity of the ashpan 6,8 l
Kind of fuel – wood pellets ø6mm/30mm
Capacity of the pellet bunker 25 kg
Consumption of pellets for nominal power 4 kg/h
Consumption of pellets for minimal power 1,2 kg/h
Weight 150 kg
Overall dimensions of the body of the fireplace: Width - 536 mm Depth – 600 mm Height – 1040 mm
Diameter of the incoming air for burning ø40 mm
Diameter of the outgoing flue gases ø80mm
Draught of the chimney (±2Pa)
Weekly programming Sensor for room temperature
Sensors for protection
Infrared remote control

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